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SONDRA WEISS  Founder/Art Educator

Founder/Art Educator

  • 143 Figure It is a thoughtful & innovative Art organization. "Love Letters" is the first project launched. Taking to heart the mission of bringing back the Lost Art of Love Letters.

  • For hire to create & inspire amongst the community. Donate our services to an organization, youth summit, community center, conference, school, care center, family or circle of friends.

  • Supplies, postage & inspiration provided.




Sondra Weiss has been an Art Educator for the last two decades, working with diverse audiences in various settings and a myriad of mediums. For over 10 years she was employed for the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, as the head of the Ceramics and Sculpture Lab and developed a variety of curriculum and projects for the education department; as well as public engagement activities.  As an Independent Art Educator she has designed many art engagement experiences in galleries locally and abroad, creating with communities in schools, youth summits, museums, rehabs, shelters, private and public spaces. Sondra attributes her unique artistic voice to the insights into the culture of the streets and museums of New York City she has received since her childhood.

Sondra is passionate about world travel, humorous situations, rich conversations, culinary experiences and aquatic adventures above and under the sea. An insatiable curiosity for life and the intricacies that add to the beauty of it all defines who she is.


She is currently on a mission to bring back the Lost Art of Love Letters. 



"We need creative, optimistic, inspirational people who are using their talents to engage the future generation to use all means of creativity to care for our blue planet. Sondra Weiss is one such talented artist who is a great inspiration, sharing her love for the environment to inspire people to communicate the urgent need for action. I respect Sondra’s passion, devotion and talents of sharing her artistic skills with the future decision makers of tomorrow. I am thrilled to be one of her designated ocean conservationist who gets to share these wonderful letters with dignitaries and heads of states at different environmental conferences I attend around the world." -Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Futures Society

"Sondra is inspiring, playful, vulnerable, and authentic. Teens feel safe and seen by her, which allows for a deepening of creative expression and personal growth and healing through art. Teens reflected on this project in passionate and deeply felt ways. Our teens still discuss the activity and time we spent with Sondra and both staff and youth are eager to collaborate again this fall" -H. Beckwith MA LMFT

"Sondra engages the kids on so many different levels, from Art, to Poetry, to Activism. The children of all ages, ethnicities, skills and levels all found their love in this thanks to Sondra’s incredible teaching methods. -A. Menke Co-Founder Costa Verde International School

"We need more of exactly this kind of project. Providing people a way to take one small step towards love and positivity when so much feels so negative and heavy is needed right now. Love Letters is a simple yet effective way to feel like you can make an impact. How great would it be if more people were able to feel like they could make even the tiniest bit of difference in the world?" -S. Newsom

"Sondra is a woman with a ready smile who is empowering people to care. She started with an idea, invited people to join and from her heart created a ripple with the power to reach many. We’re benefitting from being involved with something that is bigger than ourselves." -S. Dumm Artist Representative & Community Coordinator SlingShot Studio & Gallery