Expression Sessions

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Empathy in Action

Letter Writing for Change


Expression Sessions are action-based community gatherings combining art and activism in the form of letter writing. Each individual is invited to tap into their deepest emotions about the state of our world and voice their opinions, cares and concerns by writing handwritten letters aimed at making a difference. These letters may be sent to government representatives, change-makers, organizations or even individuals personally affected by current events. 

Giving an opportunity to transform frustrations, hopelessness, and anger into a conduit of change, each Expression Session will be centered around a theme reflecting current affairs. Community discussions will help enrich perspectives and highlight actions that can be taken to create positive change. 

Participants are provided letter writing and art supplies, as well as helpful prompts to get started. Free postage is provided, as well.

These empowering, artistic and informative events are uplifting to the heart and mind.

We hope you will join us! 


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Why Letters?

Letters have the power to make a difference! Studies show that handwritten letters are the best way to communicate with your members of Congress. Each handwritten letter sent to a Congress member is read and logged. Research from the Congressional Management Foundation found that 96 percent of Capitol Hill staff reported that personalized letters would influence their Congress member’s position, if they had not already reached a decision on a particular issue. 

Why Art? 

For starters, a hand-painted or otherwise uniquely decorated envelope is a great way to make your letter stand out from the crowd. This garners immediate interest for what’s inside. Additionally, the act of creating art has tremendous power to uplift the heart and mind of both the participant and viewer. 

Why Gather? 

While writing letters, calling government offices, and signing endless Facebook petitions from your own home are great, nothing beats the feeling of camaraderie and community in working together for a common cause. The collective energy of these Expression Sessions not only offers hope, but also provides ample opportunity for connection and creative thinking.