Love Letters to Self:

Love Letters to Self is a two visit program that offers a moment to reflect on who we are & the inner dialogue that loops our mind.  Participants look into mirrors and draw/paint self portraits in styles inspired by Impressionism, Surrealism, Cubism and Abstraction. Each portrait becomes a cover for a Love Letter to Self. Prompts are given to investigate what we appreciate about ourselves, how we handle situations and what brings us satisfaction in life. A personal dialogue is created and the results are penned into a Love Letter to be cherished, opened and read throughout their lifetime.

During the second meeting, participants discuss qualities they appreciate in human beings: courage, humor, perseverance, integrity, etc. They then think of someone in their life that possesses those qualities. With some guidance, a letter of appreciation is written to the person personifying these honorable qualities. The letters are placed in a handmade and thoughtfully decorated envelope. Postage is provided and the Love Letter is mailed out to lift the heart, day and life of the recipient, thus putting more Love into the world.